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Software Maintenance

General Information

All new licenses includes a one-year maintenance agreement that covers:
  • Free minor and major upgrades (e.g.: from v12.x to v13.x).
  • Access to critical updates - this can be both bugs fixes and changes required for supporting latest Windows updates.
  • Highest priority for requested features, or other improvements to the software.
  • Highest priority for fixing reported problems/bugs.
  • Free technical support by e-mail.

Beyond the initial one-year period, you may renew your software maintenance agreement for another year.
The annual cost is 25% of the current software price.

Renewal Information

When you install updates released more than one year after you purchased your license, you will get a message telling you that your maintenance agreement has expired. This means that to use the version you just installed you will have to renew your maintenance agreement.

Please note that you can run any update released within one year from your purchase without renewing the maintenance.
A list of updates and corresponding release dates can be found on the following page:

Renew Now

You will find more information on how to purchase renewal at the following page: